Real-Time Push-to-Talk and Voice AI on Celona 5G LANs

Discover how Orion connects the frontline workforce across private cellular networks

In this 40-minute webinar, you’ll learn why frontline teams need communication and collaboration tools that support work on the go. Enterprise organizations benefit from technology that supports dynamic, dispersed operations with heads-up, hands-free communication.

Watch the webinar to understand:

  • The benefits of voice communications and 5G LANs in the enterprise
  • How Orion radically transforms and modernizes frontline work with PTT 2.0 and patented AI Voice Bots
  • How Celona makes private cellular accessible
  • How Orion and Celona work together to provide complete coverage to support frontline communication and collaboration

The webinar offers closed-captioning (CC) and playback speed controls.

Learn more about how Orion helps frontline teams collaborate securely and effectively. Watch the webinar today!