Rock Medicine Case Study

Learn how Rock Medicine Delivers Essential Medical Care at San Francisco’s Annual Pride Celebration with Orion

At large-scale events like San Francisco Pride, one of the most significant logistical problems for Rock Med staff is matching field teams with patients who need help. In the past, supervisors tried to stage teams throughout a venue, in hopes of having teams located close to the areas where people might call for help. But this was ultimately inefficient, resulting in wasted time.

With Orion, Rock Med staff track their teams’ locations directly through the app, saving critical time and enabling EMTs to focus on patients.

Download the case study to learn about these key benefits:

  • Rapid dispatch of mobile response teams and EMTs
  • Push-to-talk communication on rugged smartphones
  • Unlimited range over miles of city streets and throughout crowded event venues
  • Location mapping of medical staff and vehicles
  • Supplementing and replacing legacy radio communcations