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Looking for a better push-to-talk solution?

A new take on two-way radios and walkie-talkie apps, Orion’s push-to-talk apps and Onyx wearable walkie-talkies work on any carrier or Wi-Fi network, across any distance.

You also get voice-powered productivity (automation, data input, search) that traditional push-to-talk solutions don’t offer.

With Orion, your team and business systems are only one button push away.

Communicate Without Boundaries

Simple, effective real-time communication over any distance

Unlimited Range

Onyx wearable walkie-talkies works on any data network, even wifi, whether your team is across town or across the world.

Hardened Security

With stream encryption coming standard, your Onyx walkie-talkies provide a level of security far beyond traditional walkie-talkies.

Real-time Location

See the real-time location of your team members from directly within the Orion App.

Simple Powerful Design

Onyx walkie-talkies combine the simplicity of single button functionality with a convenient, lightweight, wearable with a battery that lasts all day.

One-to-One & Groups

Reach one, some, or all of your team members with the touch of a button. Switch between groups with the swipe of your finger.

For iOS and Android

Onyx walkie-talkies are compatible with most iOS and Android powered phones. App Talk is available for iOS; Android is coming soon.

Flexible Control Over Your Team’s Communication
Create Groups Quickly
Use the web-based Orion Command Center or Orion mobile apps to create groups on-the-fly.
Increase Team Focus with Flexible Talk Modes
Manage who your team communicates with: everyone, only their manager, or Listen Only mode to receive orders.
Customize Notifications
Control group member location visibility and messaging alerts for each user.
Manage Users and Groups
Reset user passwords, remove people from groups as staffing needs change.
Assign Group Leaders
Administrators and managers can designate leaders for each Orion group, for added clarity in large organizations.
Manage Privacy
Limit conversations to people in  your organization, customize who can invite people to talk and more.

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"Significant time and thousands of dollars saved...
We didn't even consider traditional walkie-talkies because we got a better solution and used the same phones we carry with us every day."
- Anhoni, Owner of Mrs.Patel's