Orion Radio Bridge

Stay connected with your teams when they go where radios can’t.

Orion Radio Bridge integrates Land Mobile Radio (LMR) systems with the Orion connected voice platform. Extend the range and reach of line-of-sight communications without adding radios or signal-boosting equipment. 

Give traditional radio users all the superpowers of Orion, like voice bots and automations. 

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Empower your teams to connect anywhere, and supercharge their productivity.
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Talk to Team Members Where Radios Don’t Go

Enable your teams to connect anywhere, across town or across the world, with Orion’s unlimited range.


View Team Locations with GPS

Save time managing your teams by tracking team locations at a glance.



Communicate Securely

Orion offers a range of permission and privacy settings. Stay empowered with transparency and control in the management of teams.

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Add PTT Users Without Buying Radios

Connect team members without radios to your communications network through their smartphones or Orion’s smart wearable walkie-talkies.


Create Unlimited Groups of Unlimited Size

Communicate based on your needs, with no limit on the number or size of your groups. 

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Get Orion Superpowers Without Replacing Your Existing System

Add spoken alerts, voice commands, and security workflows through Orion bots and integrations.

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To learn more about Orion Radio Bridge and try it risk-free, talk to our Sales team by calling us at 1-866-855-4249 or filling out the form above to request a call with an account executive.