Drive Project Success at the Speed of Voice

Project variables change. Customer demands change. Employees’ needs change, quickly. Can your communication tools keep up?

Orion Pro: More than Push-To-Talk

Orion Pro is a new kind of push-to-talk solution for organizations that need real-time coordination and fast answers without distractions.

Our solutions work with smartphones and other devices your team is already using, over unlimited distances, on any carrier or wi-fi network.

Unlike traditional PTT tools, Orion gives your team the ability to reach the people and the information they need, with features including

  • Real-time language translations 
  • Voice search company databases 
  • Voice-based automations

Mix and match Orion tools based on your team’s needs:

Wearable, Heads-Up Comms

Compact lightweight wearable with a battery that lasts all day. Onyx is easy to operate without removing gloves, while driving or doing work that requires unbroken attention.

Easy-to-Use Apps

Intuitive, and easy to use: push-to-talk from the app (Orion Pro & iOS only), or using Onyx Smart Walkie-Talkies. See live location of teammates, page people you need, switch between talk groups and more.

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Real-Time Voice Communication Without Boundaries

Unlimited Range

Onyx works on any data network, even wifi, whether your team is across town or across the world.

Real-time Location

See the real-time location of your team members from directly within the Orion App.

One-to-One & Groups

Reach one, some, or all of your team members with the touch of a button. Switch between groups with the swipe of your finger.

For iOS and Android

Onyx is compatible with most iOS and Android powered phones. App Talk is available for iOS; Android is coming soon.

Hardened Security

With stream encryption coming standard, your Onyx devices provide a level of security far beyond traditional walkie-talkies.

Unlimited Users (Orion Pro)

Enjoy no limits to the number of people you can invite to your groups.

Simple Powerful Design

Onyx combines the simplicity of single button functionality with a convenient, lightweight, wearable with a battery that lasts all day.

Advanced Administration & Management (Orion Pro)

Whether from within the app or from the rich web-console, have complete control over groups, users, member privileges and more.