Video: Intelligence Amplification for Defense Industry Field Communications

Orion CTO Greg Albrecht presents to the National Defense Intelligence Association NSAICE conference

Orion helps field teams gain situational intelligence with its voice-first, intelligent collaboration platform.

In this presentation to an audience of machine learning and AI professionals in the defense industry, Orion Chief Technology Officer Greg Albrecht explains how Orion lends an advantage to field teams and security teams from government and large enterprise organizations.

Discover how Orion helps teams:

  • Heighten response and awareness with process automation and voice tagging
  • Automate Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to turn manual processes into on-time automated workflows
  • Gain location awareness even in GPS-denied environments
  • Strengthen operational control
  • Modernize operations and innovate
  • And so much more

Learn more about how Orion helps field teams collaborate securely and efficiently. Watch the video today!