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Orion Provides Critical Event Communication at SIGNAL, Twilio’s Customer & Developer Conference
The Challenge

At large-scale events like SIGNAL, which draws thousands of attendees, one of the most significant logistical challenges is the lack of a reliable, streamlined communication workflow.

Traditionally, event staff communicated using traditional two-way radios that suffer from range issues, are difficult for beginners to use, and are complicated to operate while on the go. Effectively, using two-way radios for conferences can isolate team members instead of providing transparency, not to mention the increased headcount at larger conferences and events. In order to deliver a pleasant experience to all attendees — vendors, safety advocates and maintenance teams alike — must be able to quickly and efficiently communicate with one another in real time so that they can act and respond accordingly.

That’s where Orion comes in.

The Solution
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In partnership with Twilio’s Global Events and Partner Marketing teams, Orion provided all onsite communications to support the Signal event staff. Orion distributed Kyocera DuraForce PRO devices running the Orion Push to Talk app, connecting the sixty SIGNAL staff members via Push-to-Talk (PTT). Orion chose DuraForce PRO for its built-in rugged durability and large dedicated PTT button, extra loud speaker, powerful battery and PTT accessory support. Orion equipped the devices with SIM cards from Twilio Programmable Wireless, and the Orion Push to Talk app enabled users to talk using the dedicated Kyocera PTT button.

SIGNAL organizers created a command post inside San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, a building more than 60,000 square feet in size, to run operations for the conference and afterparty. Organizers had multiple functional and vendor teams to coordinate — registration, presentations, food and beverage, audio/visual, sponsorship, volunteer safety advocates, and party volunteers — and they used multiple Orion groups to coordinate their work. Most SIGNAL personnel opted to use dedicated Kyocera devices, while a handful of staff members chose to set up the Orion Push to Talk app on their personal phones instead of carrying a second phone.

On the first day of SIGNAL, team communication spiked in the morning as thousands of attendees arrived to pick up their registration badges and explore the conference. One crew with a special mission was the safety advocates, who were responsible for fielding all safety reports at the event. These volunteers had to monitor the entire SIGNAL space, outdoors and indoors, for safety or harassment incidents during the conference as well as the $BASH afterparty. With Orion, they were able to quickly notify Twilio employees, who could then enforce the conference’s code of conduct and resolve issues.

The second day of SIGNAL was even busier than the first. Attendees arrived early for keynote speeches by Twilio executives, and in the afternoon volunteers began prepping for the massive $BASH afterparty which immediately followed the conference programming.

Benefits of Orion


Despite nearly constant coordination and communication between spread- out team members, operations ran seamlessly. In a critical moment, Orion Push to Talk allowed for rapid, seamless coordination among safety advocates, paramedics, and maintenance to help an injured staff member.

Orion’s technology helps simplify logistical processes at large events while allowing event staff to remain heads-up, providing a positive experience to all attendees and allowing for seamless coordination between different groups and teams.

Orion’s powerful platform and versatile features proved it to be a highly useful tool for SIGNAL 2018 event staff. The Orion platform can be quickly and easily integrated across industries and verticals to boost productivity and streamline communication.

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About Twilio

Twilio is the leading cloud communications platform utilized by more than two million developers around the world. The company’s annual customer and developer conference, SIGNAL, showcases how builders are reimagining software applications that power customer engagement experiences and transform everyday human interaction. Orion sponsored onsite communications for SIGNAL 2018 event staff and vendors, keeping the two-day conference and pre-conference preparations running smoothly.

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