Case Study


Orion Powers Real-Time Communication for Large Medical Center

The Challenge

The environmental services team of a top healthcare provider in the Northeastern US faced a difficult challenge recently when they realized their in-house communication system couldn’t adequately serve their needs. 

Hospital beds are in high demand, and reducing patient wait time is a critical goal of hospital management. So when a patient vacates a room, the environmental services team must turn it around as quickly as possible for the next patient.

The medical center’s hospitality staff needed to continually communicate with other team members for their time-sensitive day-to-day coordination. Poor dispatch efficiency meant the team often didn’t know that a room needed changing, or they couldn’t communicate that a room was ready.

The medical center had initially provided an older radio system, but that addressed only a few of their communication needs. The hospital structure and size reduced the coverage of the radio signals. Over time, the staff augmented the radios with their mobile phones, pagers, and desk phones for contacting their colleagues and supervisors.

Unfortunately, this meant that staff members were constantly switching between different communication tools and checking their cell phones for missed texts and voice messages. Plus, the large and bulky radio handsets were challenging to wear or carry.

The Director of Environmental Services decided that they needed a more sophisticated solution that could support hundreds of communications across the team every day.

The Solution

His team chose to partner with Orion, whose voice-powered platform provides hands-free, real-time access to each staff member. Using Onyx immediately simplified the way the team stayed in touch throughout the day, freeing up more time and attention for the patients who needed it most.

Benefits of Orion

Before switching to Orion,  it was typical for the medical center’s hospitality team to miss urgent messages due to different communications happening across radios, phone calls, texts, and pagers. However, once they began using Orion’s connected voice platform, their communication instantly became more streamlined and effective.

Orion’s hands-free, push-to-talk wearable Onyx was the ideal solution to keep the environmental services team heads-up and focused on their work. Using the hospital’s comprehensive Wi-Fi coverage meant that they could go anywhere they needed without losing touch with their teammates. Another benefit? They could finally stop carrying the cumbersome two-way radios, reducing frustration and fatigue.

With Orion, the team is now able to react more quickly in turning around a room to accommodate the next patient, allowing the hospital to reduce wait times and improve the patient experience.

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