Orion AppTalk Plus:
Secure Push-To-Talk for Rugged Smartphones

Does your Kyocera or Sonim phone come with a programmable or push-to-talk button?

With Orion AppTalk Plus, you can push-to-talk across any distance, plus do a lot more, with your phone's PTT button.

What is Orion AppTalk Plus?

AppTalk Plus brings walkie-talkie-style communication to your rugged phone — across any distance, across any carrier network, and over Wi-Fi.

Talking to your team is as simple as pushing the dedicated PTT Button on your Sonim or Kyocera phone*.

AppTalk Plus connects you to anyone on Orion, whether they're using Onyx smart walkie-talkies or AppTalk.

Choose the way that makes the most sense for each person on your team.

Who is AppTalk Plus for?

Orion AppTalk Plus is for people, businesses and organizations using or considering using rugged smartphones:

  • Sonim XP7+ (XP7700)

  • Kyocera DuraForce PRO (Unlocked E6820 • Sprint E6833 • AT&T E6820 • T-Mobile E6820TM • Verizon E6810 • Sprint E6830)

  • Kyocera DuraForce XD (AT&T E6790 software version 1.330AT • T-Mobile E6790TM)

AppTalk Plus makes it easy to communicate near-instantly with teammates who might be working at other locations, doing hands-on work, driving, or doing other work that requires complete focus.

In addition to push-to-talk over any distance, AppTalk Plus helps you and your team use voice to drive productivity with features like:

  • Real-time location of team members
  • Real-time status of team members (available, do-not-disturb, unavailable)
  • Unlimited talk groups
  • Language translation
  • Voice commands to trigger business processes

Things you can do with AppTalk Plus that you can't do with carrier push-to-talk solutions:

  • Instantly translate one language to another with Orion Translator
  • Use voice to control smart devices, time sheet programs and other voice assistants via IFTTT
Download Orion on Google Play Store
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*Orion App Talk Plus works on the following phones (specific models listed above):

  • Kyocera DuraForce PRO
  • Sonim DuraForce PRO XD
  • Sonim XP7
  • Sonim XP8

AppTalk Plus also works with select accessories for these phones.


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