AppTalk for Business

Voice, Choice, and Control

Unlocking real-time, secure push-to-talk voice communication for your team - using only their smartphone

Connect teams securely with push-to-talk (PTT): Anytime, Anywhere

No matter what your team is doing and where they are, they need to stay focused and get work done. Traditional tools like email, voice calls, and texting can steal focus without making it easier to reach co-workers. 

AppTalk provides reliable push-to-talk communication for teams of any size. Use it on the go with a smartphone, or at a desk with a tablet. Set up your Orion groups and business automations in minutes, not days.

Compatible with : 

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Why AppTalk is perfect for businesses


Increase team productivity

Instantly connect with teams with our push-to-talk (PTT) function. Mix and match smartphone devices so team members are up and running quickly.

Secure communications

AppTalk offers a range of permission and privacy settings. Stay empowered with transparency and control in the management of teams.

Control groups permissions

Easily set up groups and users, share links and invitations to manage teams from one place. Prevent over-talking in groups by setting up speaker modes.

Talk with unlimited range

Use AppTalk with any data carrier or wi-fi network. Connect in real-time whether you’re between buildings, across town, or around the world.

View team locations with GPS

This visibility helps ensure team safety and provides real-time insights to help guide direction for location-based projects.

Translate languages instantly

AppTalk keeps teams in-sync with translation across 60+ languages in real-time

AppTalk is right for your business if:

  • Voice communication is important for instant team contact
  • There’s access to Wi-Fi or cell networks in your environment
  • You need secure and flexible device options for your teams
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